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The Trustees of the Davis Family Foundation are very interested in the results of your project and require that grantees provide a completion report within 12 months of receipt of funds.  

If your project has been completed within 12 months of receipt of funds, please fill out and submit the completion report.  If your project is not complete, please contact the Program Officer via email or phone to provide a progress report on your activities, including your project's expected completion date.

Reports for grants awarded before September 2018 should be submitted by email or mail using the form included with your award letter.  This form is also available on this page under "Downloads."

Reports for grants awarded September 2018 or later must be submitted online, and are available in the same system used to apply for funding.  Note: the online system refers to reports as "Requirements." 

To access your online report:
  1. Click here to access your account.
  2. Login using the email and password used when submitting the original proposal.  **Please note, this report is only available to this account.  If that email has changed, please contact the Grants Associate, Lisa Smith, at [email protected].
  3. Once logged in, click the gray "Requirements" box on the left, mid-way down on your screen.
  4. Follow the instructions from there.
You will be asked to submit a budget comparing your original budget with actual expenses and to briefly answer the following questions:
  1. To what extent were the original goals and objectives for this project achieved?
  2. How did your project impact the community or the target population?  Please provide a short description and relevant statistics if available.
  3. Did you encounter any unexpected obstacles or opportunities in carrying out your work?  If yes, did these obstacles or opportunities cause you to make any significant changes to the original project proposal?  For example, were changes made to the project budget, timeline, partners, or expected results?
  4. How were Davis Family Foundation grant funds spent?  Please attach an itemized expense summary comparing actual expenses within your original budget.
  5. Did our grant attract other funding for your project?  If yes, explain the other funding.
  6. If applicable, how do you propose to provide adequate funding for this project in the future, and what are the next steps in its development?
  7. In an effort to improve our grantmaking, we welcome any additional comments you wish to make regarding our grant application, award notification, and post-grant reporting process.