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The Trustees of the Davis Conservation Foundation are very interested in the results of your project and require that grantees provide a completion report within twelve months of receipt of funds.

If your project has been completed, please fill out and submit the completion report.  

If your project is not complete, please contact the Program Officer via email or phone to provide a progress report on your activities, including your project's expected completion date.

Please note that as of September 2021 we have migrated to a new online application and reporting system.  If your grant was awarded prior to September 2021, please complete your report using the Word document in the "Downloads" section on the right side of your screen and email it to [email protected].  A word document is preferred over a PDF.

If your grant was awarded after September 2021, please click on the following link to access your report in our online system.  **Once you have logged in to your account, click on the dropdown on the top left hand corner and select the name of your organization. This will take you to your report.**

Click here to access your account